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What is Excel?

Your Future of Wellness Starts Here

Let us guide you on your Journey of Lifelong Wellness!

Performance Therapy Coaching!

Baker Valley Physical Therapy (BVPT) is offering programs for all fitness levels. We are dedicated to improving overall health and wellness, as well as fitness performance. 

  • We have programs customized for athletes returning to sport/leisure, post-injury, young athletes sport of choice.  Weekend warriors looking to improve a recreational lifestyle, and professional athletes training for the next level of competition. 
  • We are here in Baker City to help keep the Eastern Oregon lifestyle thriving, keep people healthy and active when hiking mountains, riding bikes, playing on the water, rodeoing, skiing/snowboarding, hunting/fishing and ranching/farming lifestyle.

Our goal is to help you be the best version of yourself so you can enjoy your favorite activities while being safer and stronger. (BVPT) Performance Therapist has been trained by Altis Performance Therapy Education, implementing Performance Therapy on and off the mountain with the US Ski and Snowboard team for 7 years.

The Onboarding Process

Step 1: Training Assessment 

  • Schedule your Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and capability assessment. Work with your therapist/coach who has been trained in Performance Therapy. Build your program and choose the best exercises and tools going forward to meet your individual needs.  
  • Purchase a one time assessment fee for $150, which includes your first month membership fee, and one coaching session a week during the first month (4 visits). If you choose to continue, the fee will be $50 per month with one in- person visit per month. Come and receive the educational skills you need to meet your lifelong wellness goals with Baker Valley Physical Therapy. 

Step 2: On-Boarding Sessions 

  • Baker Valley Physical Therapy will require (or recommend in person visits) once a week for 4 weeks the first month. With a 1:4 Coach-Client ratio to help guide you with exercises and operation of the “MADE Athlete” app downloaded on your phone or tablet. You will have full access to your programming and be able to communicate with your coach through MADE Athlete, via comments on exercises and videos. 

Step 3: Continual Progressional Training

  • Communicate with your Coach as you progressively move forward with your new individual programming. After the first month, see your Coach once a month for motivation and programing progression directed by your Coach in a 1:4 Coach-Client Ratio setting. 

BVPT Philosophy

 “Strengthening Our Eastern Oregon Community”

Coordination & Conditioning

  • Individual athletic performance is more than big muscles, it’s flexibility, movement for function, power, and endurance.

Find Your Excellence

  • Maximize your athletic performance with this type of focus “Train Well, Eat Well, Restore Well” philosophy. Our coaches and therapists work with you, the athlete, in subjects as balance training, rest, and nutrition by using self-awareness, assessment tools, and measurable progress to reduce injury risk factors and attain higher levels of self performance.

Train Well

  • A Performance Therapist will Challenge you safely while learning new exercises, receive guidance, and find your own excellence at all levels of training.
  •  Whether you are recovering from an injury, an aspiring young athlete, a professional,  or simply an individual actively enjoying recreational pursuits, practice moving well and get more out of your activities by improving your power, speed, endurance, and agility in a safe and challenging environment.  Train in a gym, home, or wherever you have available. Baker Valley Physical Therapy can train you. 

Eat Well

  • Eat well to reduce chances of sickness loss of training time. Have the energy to train and perform when you need it. Develop the appropriate body composition to reduce injury risk and improve energy efficiency. 

Restore Well

  • Restore Well philosophy is designed to keep you, as an athlete, healthy by utilizing Performance Therapy, improving sleep hygiene, and addressing mental performance. Restoring and allowing your body and mind to recover reduces injury risk and increases performance. Reinstate movement patterns due to tight muscles, and understand the best recovery nutrition. 

Contact Us for an Assessment to start your journey! 

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