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The strength of the human spirit can be incredibly inspiring. At Baker Valley Physical Therapy we would like to recognize one of our patients who fully embraces the “Spirit of Determination”.

Ruth Frieboes has faced many obstacles during her rehabilitation. We are very proud to say we have been a part of Ruth’s recovery after she lost her leg from an unexplained illness. She has been through multiple surgeries and has faced many challenges while being fit for a prosthetic leg. Ruth has shown strength and determination conquering each of her battles.

BVPT would like to honor her spirit, and we hope Ruth’s successful story is inspiring to people overcoming their own mental, emotional, and physical limitations.

Baker Valley Physical Therapy would like to honor Clair Pickard and his "Spirit of Determination"!

Clair Pickard exemplifies the spirit of determination, perseverance, and self-motivation. Clair has experienced a long and difficult recovery following two knee procedures, however he has continued to display a positive and optimistic attitude toward his recovery. Clair continues to be a source of encouragement for many of our other patients who have undergone similar procedures. He has shown his motivation and commitment long past his formal rehabilitation by participating in his own independent program, even when 30 minutes on the bike seems like forever. When Clair walks in the door, the atmosphere instantly brightens up with his cheery and good-humored attitude, and of course, his explosive laugh!

Keep up the great work Clair, you are an inspiration to all!

At Baker Valley Physical Therapy, we find value in perseverance, an optimistic attitude, strength of character, and persistence. We celebrate these values in our patients and have created a “Spirit of Determination” award to grant to those individuals that we feel embody these ideals.

Merrie Hensley has demonstrated an abundance of all these qualities over the past three months of her rehabilitation, following an orthopedic surgery on her knee. Merrie always came into the clinic with a positive attitude toward her physical therapy (and physical therapists!) as well as work ethic that many others in our gym observed and admired.

Thank you Merrie for bringing your best effort and positive energy to BVPT!

Abby Graven has always been a person to tackle difficulties head on, but in October of 2018, she faced her greatest challenge. She was involved in a motor vehicle accident outside of Richland, Oregon, leaving her paralized from the chest down, with only use of her arms and neck. After the accident, she spent months at Shriners Hospital in Sacramento undergoing rehab and taking on new daily challenges. In April of 2019, she continued her journey at Baker Valley Physical Therapy, and once again portrayed a “no-quit” attitude. Abby always has the most pleasant smile on her face, regardless of the situation. She started rehab barely able to sit on a table without a hand hold, to currently zooming around the clinic, popping wheelchair wheelies and hopping over obstacles. This past summer, she participated in the FFA fair competitions, showing her steer, cow, and calf by using her “off road” wheelchair. Abby has been dealt a very difficult challenge that many would not be able to handle,

but has accepted it with an inspiring attitude for all to witness. For this reason, we are honored to present her with our Spirit of Determination Award.

Thank you, Abby, for being an inspiration to our staff, patients, and community.

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